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Vision Conference – Bridges International Austin

“A Home Away from Home.”

Vision Conference

Vision 2017 will be five days of international fun and spiritual growth with hundreds of new and old friends from around the world! This year the Vision Conference goes back to Chicago, Illinois. Join us as we consider how we are each unique and as we discover the person we were meant to be. It could be the most significant five days of your life!

Students from The University of Texas at Austin

Vision Conference

Mana Ando – “Roojyu no Dengo”

Mana Ando, from the University of Texas – Austin is a sophomore majoring in government, sings a Japanese song called “Roojyu no Dengo”. From the Vision 2014 Talent Show.

Vision Conference

Shin Jong – “Country Roads”

Shin Jong is from the University of Texas – Austin, and he performs the classic song “Country Roads”. From the Vision 2014 Talent Show.

Vision Conference

Shin, Trevor, and Alma – Multilingual Song

These students from Harvard and University of Texas perform a song in Hebrew, English and Chinese. From Vision 2013.

Vision Conference

Texas Group – A Cappella Nursery Rhymes

Representing six different countries (and Texas), this group of students sang nursery rhymes from different nations in an effort to unite our hearts and remind us of childlike faith. From Vision 2013.